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About Paul

Hello, My name is Paul C. Jensen II, Not to be confused with my dad Paul C. Jensen Sr. or my son Paul C. Jensen III. 😉

I am a semi-native of Colorado. Bumper Stickers are seen around Colorado that read “Native”  identifying those born and raised here. Another sticker in the series describes me best as it says, “Not a Native But I got here as fast as I could”

I first came to Colorado as a kid on a family trip from Green Bay, WI. in the 1970’s. (Wow that was a long time ago) I fell in love with Colorado on that first visit and was thrilled to have an opportunity to move here years later. I was able to make a move to Colorado first in 1981 right after I finished school. That stay only lasted a short time.

I moved back to Wisconsin, met my wife Cyndi and started our family with our 2-boys. We had another chance to move back to Colorado in 1988. I have been here ever since.

I am passionate about living in Colorado and enjoying all that it has to offer. I am a huge outdoor person and get outside to enjoy our beautiful mountains and great weather any chance I get. I love to ski, snowboard, hike, shoot archery, hunt, fish, camp and ride motorcycles.

My work and business approach is simple – “to help and serve others”. I have always found that I get more out of the help or service I provide to others than they receive from me through that help or service given. The relationships that are built through serving and helping others are truly priceless.

Before starting in my real estate business, I worked in a couple of different service industries. First in the grocery retail industry for 13+ years. Second and most rewarding was my career in the fire service. It was truly an opportunity to help and serve others at the highest level.

I was a firefighter/paramedic for much of my career and retired as a lieutenant with the Colorado Springs Fire Department after 21+ years of service. Opportunities to serve at the highest level were built into this career. Whether it be to protect and save lives, put out fires, or help people solve their problems, the opportunities to serve others were endless.

I have carried those same values forward into my real estate business. Helping and serving others. Whether I am protecting you and your family during the home buying/selling process, or putting out fires and solving problems in the course of a transaction. I am here to make sure that things don’t just get done, but that they get done right!  I work very hard to ensure that my work ethic, dedication and commitment to serve others creates a solid, trusting relationship with my clients that will last for years to come. I am here to help and serve you, not just my client or customer, but hopefully someone I can call my friend.

I look forward to the opportunity to help and serve YOU!!