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What We Offer

At Around the Block Realty we want the most successful Associates.

Whether a seasoned RE Pro with a proven book of business,  a Team, a Part Timer or “Newbie”, we will tailor your business and set you up for success.  No Desk Fees.  Social Events to meet Clients and Lead Generation.  Every Transaction is a low Flat Rate.  If you want, there is access to Transaction Coordinators, an Assistant, Bookkeeping, Contracting, website, discounted Property Management, CRM and Advertising.  Our training won’t be a list of motivational books to read!  You will already be motivated.  We will train you on Business Management, Taxes, Advertising, Systems, Investing, Real Estate, Construction and how to write Contracts.  We especially want you to join our team if you are a degreed professional, Veteran, First Responder, multi-lingual and/or diverse in Race/Ethnicity/Ability/Religious affiliation.  In short, Around the Block wants Professionals who are no stranger to adversity and overcoming challenges.  We need you ready to advocate for our Clients and Customers.

Join Us

  • If you run a team, bring them.
  • If you want to start a team, let’s do it.
  • If you have an income property, c’mon in.
  • If you are tired of paying Franchise Fees, we gotcha!
  • If you are tired of the “cut throat culture” of other brokerages, hang your license here!
  • If you want to be on a team, let’s roll!
  • If you want to learn from a happy and successful team, you are welcome!
  • If you can contribute time and talent to helping our community and making a difference in people’s lives, it is time to call!

Future goals include health insurance and retirement savings plans.

We’d love to see your resume!  Give us a call if you want to change your life and change the landscape of our community!