Is Your Home Ready for the Peak Selling Season?

Selling your home? Spring blooms “For Sale” signs everywhere! The biggest house selling season is just around the corner as families are looking to get their purchase or sale out of the way by late spring so that moving won’t disrupt the kid’s school schedule. Some people intend to sell or buy their home early for tax purposes. Whatever may be the reason, spring is the hottest season for real estate, and you’ve only a few weeks left to transform your home into a house a potential buyer would love to choose. To help you in this process, we’ve listed a few steps to get your home ready by this peak selling season.

Choose a Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home is a major undertaking, so hire the best real estate agent in Colorado Springs to guide you through the process. From local market insights to marketing exposure, a good real estate agent will provide all the information to help you make your home sale more seamless.

Home Inspection

Inspect your home and make the required updates and repairs to increase the value of your home. This includes evaluating the condition of the pipes, windows, roof, and more.

Deep Cleaning

De-clutter your home to make the move out easier and conduct a deep clean for windows, baseboards, walls, and floors. Since your potential buyers will more likely be opening your storage units, deep cleaning the cabinet, drawers, and closets is also important.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

Lawn maintenance in January is always minimal, but you can make some significant changes to attract buyers before they enter your front door. Improve the curb appeal by setting out a seasonal arrangement in the outdoor planters, checking outdoor lighting, replacing the mailbox, and more. Also, paint your walls with more neutral colors to appeal a range of buyers.

Home Staging

Get in touch with a professional stager to determine the current condition of your home. Listen to their suggestions and make the necessary changes that appeal the buyers.

Professional Photographs

As most of the home buyers begin their home search online, take professional pictures of your home and post it online. You can also work with your local real estate broker in Colorado Springs to have a professional photographer take photos of the house.

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